Defying the Odds:

Overcoming Adversity and Finding Hope


In May of 2019, I received devastating news from the top bone cancer doctor in our state. My cancer was diagnosed as stage 4, and I was told that it was terminal. I was given a prognosis of only six weeks to live. The weight of this news was unimaginable, but little did I know that my journey would defy all expectations and inspire hope in the face of adversity.

Coping with Adversity

When confronted with such a dire prognosis, many people turn to inspirational songs or stories, like Tim McGraw's "Live Like You Were Dying." The lyrics provoke us to reflect on how we would respond to such news, asking, "What would you do?" However, I believe that this mindset can be misleading. It suggests that we should rush to experience a series of adrenaline-fueled activities before our time runs out. But true coping with adversity goes beyond seeking momentary thrills. It requires taking intentional steps towards healing and personal growth.

Taking the First Step

In the face of tragedy, I was faced with a choice. I could either succumb to despair and attempt to cram a lifetime's worth of experiences into a few short weeks, or I could take a step towards a different path. My story is a testament to the power of taking steps to overcome the tragedies that life throws at us.

Before my diagnosis, I had been lost and searching for a more meaningful existence. I felt a deep longing to become a better man, but I didn't know where to begin. It took the dissolution of my marriage and the separation from my beloved children to finally push me to take my first step towards personal transformation

Cancer Statistics and Challenging Beliefs

Cancer is a devastating disease that claims the lives of hundreds of thousands of people each year. In the United States alone, it is responsible for 608,570 deaths annually, with Louisiana having the fifth-highest cancer rate in the nation. The staggering number of lives lost to cancer often leads us to question our own mortality and the predictions given by doctors.

I used to believe that when someone received a terminal diagnosis, their fate was sealed. I thought that doctors held some divine insight into the duration of our lives. However, my own experience challenged these beliefs. I began to question the notion that anyone other than a higher power could truly know the beginning and end of each person's journey.

Personal Growth: The First Steps

The first step towards personal growth is often the most difficult. It took me weeks of darkness and despair after my wife left with our children to finally reach a breaking point. In that moment of surrender, I dropped to my knees and prayed for help and for my wife's happiness and freedom.

At first, the anger and regret consumed me. But as I continued to pray, something shifted within me. I found forgiveness and love for my wife, accepting our circumstances for what they were. These initial steps set in motion a chain of events that would define the man I am today.

Embarking on a Journey of Spiritual Maturity

Taking the first step was just the beginning of my journey towards spiritual maturity. Like peeling away layers of an onion, it took years to shed old habits and beliefs. It wasn't until 12 years after that first step that I formed a deep and meaningful relationship with Jesus.

With this newfound relationship came a sense of peace, honesty, accountability, and unwavering faith. I learned to walk in gratitude, regardless of the circumstances I faced. When I received the prognosis of only six weeks to live, I knew that my journey with Jesus had prepared me to defy the odds.

Mental Toughness and Determination

Walking in faith meant persevering despite what my body was telling me. It required speaking words of healing and transformation, even when others doubted or made insensitive remarks. I spoke these affirmations every day, thanking God for a cancer-free body, even when it seemed impossible.

The Importance of Family Support

Overcoming adversity is not a journey meant to be traveled alone. It takes a village of supportive family members and loved ones to navigate the darkest seasons of life. During my own battle with cancer, I leaned on my family for strength and guidance. They walked beside me, guiding me towards the light when I couldn't see it myself.

Finding Purpose in the Midst of Adversity

The first steps I took towards personal growth and spiritual maturity were instrumental in shaping the purpose I discovered in the face of adversity. Without those initial moments of surrender and seeking help, I wouldn't be where I am today. Despite the pain and hardships that life throws our way, we have the power to find peace and meaning in our circumstances.

To anyone who has experienced or is currently facing their own trials, I want to offer a message of hope: don't succumb to the darkness and despair. Instead, seek the light. For me, that light was found in my relationship with Jesus. It is through faith, prayer, and believing in the good news that we can find the strength to defy the odds.


In conclusion, my journey with cancer defied the expectations of medical professionals and inspired hope in the face of adversity. Through personal growth, spiritual maturity, mental toughness, and the support of my loved ones, I found purpose and meaning in the midst of my battle. I urge anyone facing their own challenges to take that first step towards healing and transformation. You are not alone, and there is always hope in even the darkest of times.

“Never BELEIVE what you hear in the dark,
that you know to be TRUTH in the LIGHT”

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